Open letter to community leaders and elected officials

Trevor Fischbach | President StarChase LLC

During this important time of dialogue and change, StarChase continues to stand with law enforcement and communities to protect life and reduce loss. Since its inception, StarChase’s mission has been to change behavior and reduce the loss of life stemming from high-speed pursuits. All communities are affected, but statistically underserved communities of color bear the brunt of pursuit related injury, death, and loss:

    • Black Americans are three times more likely to die in a high-speed pursuit related
    • Chases involving Black Americans are 70% more likely to kill an innocent bystander, and one can deduce that since many high-speed pursuits originate in urban environments, a disproportionate number of innocent black lives are lost as a result.²
    • High-speed pursuits of Black Americans are twice as likely to start over minor offenses or non-violent crimes.

StarChase stands firmly in this fight to protect life, and our less-lethal solutions are proven to change behavior and de-escalate otherwise deadly outcomes stemming from pursuit related events.

StarChase fully endorses improved community policing practices, and I am proud to be part of a solution that saves lives and protects those that are most affected.

In Unanimity,
Trevor Fischbach
President, StarChase