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A police chase led to a manhunt Sunday afternoon.

Omaha police say a group of 13-year-old boys led them on a chase in a stolen car.

They said their arrest near 69th and Manderson streets ended a two-day crime spree.

Officers said the trouble started at the La Mesa near 108th street and West Maple road Saturday night.

Police said a SUV was stolen as a delivery driver waited inside the restaurant for an order.

OPD said that led to a more serious crime Sunday morning near 63rd and Blondo streets.

“Officers got a report that this vehicle was driving around with males in it, at least one of the males had pointed a handgun at an 11-year-old child,” Lt. Shane Myers said.

The victim’s father shared this video with us. It’s from his neighbor’s security camera. You see a teen hanging out of a car window throw something at the boy on his bike. The child told police the driver pointed a pistol at him. Police said that led to a chase hours later.

“Officers spotted the vehicle at 61st street and Northwest Radial highway. Based on prior information of it being stolen, and the occupants pointing handguns at children, we initiated a pursuit ,” Myers said.

Officers said the boys bailed at 69th and Manderson streets.

“Five teens ran from the car. Three were apprehended pretty quickly. Another was found about a block away. One was taken into custody by k9 and sustained a dog bite,” Myers said.

Neighbors were happy to point police in the right direction as the suspects ran.

One man said these kinds of crimes are becoming all too common.

“It’s not a good look. I mean, Omaha’s a good place to live and it’s starting to look bad on our community,” Scott Ashby said.

Police agree.

“We seem to have quite a few juvenile offenders who are continually doing these crimes, where they’re involved in robberies, stolen vehicles, and this is just another example,” Myers said.

OPD said the teens could face several felony charges.

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